Teaching in China

China, located in Eastern Asia, is the world’s most populous country, with a staggering population of 1.35 billion people. Written records for the country can be found from as early as 1200 BC under the Shang dynasty.

Working in China offers the chance to experience a brand new culture, a diverse culture that stretched across the country. The Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, the Terracotta Army, the Li River and the Temple of Heaven to name just a few of the many famous landmarks in this diverse country.

Whilst the image most people get of China tends to be big, busy cities, there is so much more to China than these. Trips out of the cities offer spectacular landscapes, forests and views. There really is something for everyone is this great, diverse country.

With China being so populous and vast, this has led to the country becoming the largest and fastest area of growth for International Schools with hundreds based across the country. We recruit for British Curriculum schools, IB curriculum schools as well as local schools. Schools range from Early Years all the way through to the A Level and IB syllabus with students often going on to some of the top performing Universities around the world.


What are the Packages on offer?

Packages in China reflect the cost of living in the various regions and cities. Cities such as Shanghai and Beijing tend to be more expensive to live in compared to the more rural areas of China, however this is reflected in the salaries on offer.

·         After tax salaries for roles in large cities are between £2000 - £2600 per month

·         2 year contracts

·         After tax salaries for roles in more rural areas and smaller cities are between £1800 - £2200 per month

·         Accommodation allowance. Housing is often paid for rather than provided in China. Schools will organise someone to show you around ex pat housing areas until you find housing whilst paying for you to stay in a local hotel. The accommodation allowance will cover a 1 bedroom flat though you are welcome to contribute to this if you want something larger.

·         Flights at the start and end of the contract with mid contract flights often included

·         International Health Insurance

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Applicant Testimonials

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Richa, Science Teacher
Tom is a thoroughly professional and dedicated individual. His expertise and negotiating skills have helped me tremendously in seeking employment and he is one of the best consultants in his field ...
Janet, Chemistry Teacher
I am writing to you concerning my contact with your teaching agency, in particularly, Jason Howard. I began conversations with Jason on Tuesday of this week and, despite the outcome being that I ...
Gillian, English Teacher
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